Le Bon Samaritain | Tout le monde peut sauver une vie
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50.000 people in France die of Cardiac Arrest every year. That’s more than 130 deaths a day!

In Europe it represents 400.000 people and 7 million worldwide.
In nearly 70% of cases, cardiac arrest occurs in front of a witness, but the survival rate in France is only 7% while it is 40% in Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Lugano in Switzerland.
According to French Medical Research Institute (INSERM), early defibrillation could save thousands of people each year

In case of cardiac arrest, time is a decisive factor that determines the chances of survival.
Beyond 4 minutes, it is estimated that for each minute elapsed, the chances of survival decrease by 10%. Without oxygenation, the brain can be severely damaged and subsequently have serious sequelae.
In less than 10 minutes without resuscitation, the victim’s vital prognosis can be fatal. Given the time required for rescue to arrive at the scene of the accident, it is essential that the witnesses of a cardiac arrest can call for help and start CPR.

Nearly 120,000 defibrillators (AED) are listed in the Staying Alive application developed worldwide by AEDMAP.
This application offers multiple features and services including :

  • AED locations
  • Citizen Responder
  • CPR tutorials (chest compression, AED use)

It is freely available on Iphone & Android.


In the event of a cardiac arrest, it is essential to perform CPR without delay in order to increase victim survival rate.


As soon as you have noticed that the victim is unconscious and does not breathe, you must call the emergency services by dialing 112.


The victim must lie on his back on a hard plane. Perform 100 to 120 compressions per minute. Place your hands in the middle of the sternum and use your weight to push the sternum 4 to 5 cm.


Open the defibrillator and follow the voice instructions that guide you step by step. The use of an AED requires no training, it is a very simple device to use and without any danger for you or the victim.

Wait for Help

Never leave the victim alone, leave the AED pads in place and wait until help arrives to take care of the victim.


The “Citizen Responder” allows volunteers trained in CPR to register on the Staying Alive application and thus become localizable by the emergency services (Firefighters, SAMU, …) in case of cardiac arrest in the vicinity to help the victim.


Citizen Responders






Endowment fund (French law n°2008-776 – august 4th, 2008)

The Citizen Responder Endowment Fund, known as the FDBS, focuses on citizen mobilization in emergency situations, prevention and information on medical action and education, through the following main axes:

  • Free provision of the “Citizen Responders” to emergency management services in France;
  • Research in the medical field;
  • Support for education and training actions in the field of public health …

The Citizen Responder Endowment Fund, known as FDBS, has the following means of action:

  • Support of general interest organizations in the form of grants
    awarding scholarships to persons undertaking work significantly contributing to the achievement of the purpose of the fund;
  • Organization of colloquiums, congresses, seminars, conferences;
    developing partnerships with any general interest organization carrying out similar or related activities …


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